BrynmelynFarm.co.uk aims to provide free information and advice based on the farming and food industry. We specialise on giving farmers the information they need to continue their livelihood. This includes updates on health and safety or employee rights and we even give advice on administration and paperwork involved in running a successful farm. If you are looking to increase profits or to supply a supermarket chain then we can give you some advice on what is the best course of action.

Firstly, one key part of working with a large super market chain is professionalism. This is important to the supermarket staff that will visit your farm. Why? Well the end of the day it will be a partnership they enter with you. Therefore, your actions do reflect on them. First appearances are everything in this game. We suggest all farmers looking to work with large companies invest a small amount of money in identification.

Why you may wonder? Well ensuring all visitors feel comfortable and looked after is key. The more comfortable the visitor the more chance of you getting a deal that could drastically increase your turnover. Imagine the visitor turning up to a farm not knowing who is clearly staff or maybe a family member that lives with the household on the farm. What kind of impression does this leave? Rather the counter situation is the visitor arriving and seeing a member of staff with a ID card that has the logo his name and contact details of the business. All key parts of information that people would expect to see.

However, many have been put off due to high costs involved. There are many companies that offer a range of services regarding Identification. One example is Lesar.co.uk .

They offer two types of service. One where you can order a Identification card printer and then print your own cards to use. This is a good option if you have staff come on and off the farm often maybe due to staff being part time or seasonal working. One brand of printer that is very popular is the zebra printers , they fulfil all needs and are fairly prices.

The second option is a service where they will design and print all your ID cards themselves. This takes away all the stress and pressure away from yourself. Once the artwork is designed they send it over for your approval and then will be able to store that design for future cards.

Having these cards will portray your business in the right light. Please read through our other articles to find out more information on how to contact these people and market to them. Any suggestions are welcomed please submit them via our contact us page.


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